November 16, 1996 Oklahoma Chase By Craig Green

Chase Summary of 16 November 96 by Craig A. Green  N5WEH 
	Numeric modeling showed some promise for a seasons end chase  
on Saturday, November 16th and I anxiously awaited the SWODY1 early  
Saturday morning. Finding a moderate risk for most of Oklahoma, I  
prepared to depart at about 11:00 AM. After running a few errands, I  
logged in for the ETA modeling and some last minute data. Oh no! Eta  
models were not available. I grabbed a surface analysis, moisture  
advection, 300 mb streamlines, and my camera and picked up my partner  
Bill Brockman. 
	 Crossing the OK border north on US 81 headed for the  Lawton area,  
we heard the SPC box for SW OK a little after 1300. Gulf advection was  
obscuring the sky so we began monitoring NWS and their 147.045 liaison  
frequency. Knowing the front was west of us we began looking . Heading  
north on OK 58 from Medicine Park, we began hearing severe  
thunderstorms warnings SW of us near the Wichita Mts. Wildlife Refuge.  
We could already see a rapidly growing raincore to our SW. As we  
paused, NWS issued a tornado warning for SE Caddo Co. If we hurried we  
could cut the corner across to OK 19 and go east to get on the upshear  
side of the storm. Hearing of a lowering with slow rotation on the rear  
flank of the storm, we drove south and then east through heavy rain which  
subsided at Apache. 
	 We parked and faced SW at 1545 PM, observing an approaching  
intense rain shaft and when it arrived with intermittent 1 inch hail, we  
began driving east on OK 19 toward Cyril. Approximately 3 to 4 miles east  
of Apache, several transformer explosions (4 to 5) were seen directly  
north of us. A wall cloud with 5 or 6 fingery filaments had spun up a weak  
tornado with no visible condensation funnel ! Cloud tags and inflow were  
visibly moving up into the updraft base. Off to the SE was an inflow band  
connected to the upshear side of the storm with the wall cloud. No further  
transformer explosions or debris clouds on the ground were observed as  
we headed through Cyril and towards Cement on US 277. We kept taping  
the wall cloud as it moved off to the NE at a reported 45 MPH. This storm  
and another that had formed SW later merged into a long squall with some  
impressive shelf clouds and CG. 
	We turned south on US 81 from Chickasha and caught another  
gustfront from a large squall cell between Geronimo and Duncan before  
we headed back to Dallas. Not bad for mid-November.