3/24/97 Kansas chase by Jim Duncan

From Jim Duncan (ku0g@SPRYNET.COM): A great night for chasing in the Kansas City area..... As predicted, the caps started popping shortly after 1700 CST and the warnings flew practically non-stop for the next three hours!!! Rogue Squadron activated and our team of spotter/chasers hit the bricks by 1730CST... At 1735 I spotted the first wall cloud of the year in Kansas City. No rotation but a really obvious inflow from practically the surface upward! Was I in the WRONG place, though!!! The darned thing was moving 45 MPH due east and overtook my vantage point VERY quickly!!! We'll be a little more careful in the future....No funnels (fortunately or unfortunately, choose your own point of view, please...) but hail to 1/2" from this cell. All in all a pretty nice HP.... At 1830 CST (after driving through the 1/2" hail!), on the way to a rehearsal (darn my luck!) I spotted my second wall cloud of the year. Developed fairly rapidly over the old Fairfax airport area, across the river and NW of downtown Kansas City (they make Pontiac Grand Prix's there now...). Again, it developed rapidly and tracked ENE at 45 MPH. This one had some rotation (allegedly) according to another spotter looking at the same wall cloud from the north (my vantage point was from the east with it moving toward me)... Lots of hail around the area but no other significant events to report. The tornado watch was downgraded to a thunderstorm watch at 2000 CST. On another note, Kansas City now has an active EMWIN station broadcasting on 139.2125, high power from one of the tallest building in KC. It can be received MOBILE from 50 miles, FULL SCALE!!! We are looking for additional spotter/chasers (MUST be NWS certified annually and amateur radio licensees preferred but we WILL help you get your license!!!) We also have a DEDICATED digital link into the National Weather Service at Pleasant Hill via amateur packet radio using the APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) software. EMail me if interested OR if you're going to be chasing in the KC area, we'll welcome your participation!!! 73 de Jim, KU0G Chairman/Coordinator Kansas City APRS Working Group EMail: ku0g@kcaprs.org Webpage: http://www.kcaprs.org

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