4/5/97 IL chase by John Roger

Chase Log 040597

     I left St.Louis going east at 1:45 (Sat. April 5, 1997) because I had
noticed a developing area sw of the squall line that previously moved thru
St.Louis. I thought that I would follow that line for a while to see what
happened. Boy i'm glad that I did. The towers were not that big leaving St.
Louis on I-70 going east, but 1 hour later they had developed all the signs
of the classic super cell around Ramsey Ill. I ran into some pea size hail
around Pana Ill.
     It was amazing to see the tops with the developing anvil and flanking
line at sunset, but unfortunately it was raining to hard for me to get any
decent shots. I did document the development from St. louis all the way to
  Dalton City, and I should have that online in a week or so.
     So, not bad for the first chase of the season, and the amazing thing
is that This can all be done with out all the fancy perks that so many
people seem to rely on now adays. Damn I even forgot to take the car phone
;), but the scanner sure did come in handy.

John Rogers
p.s. Good luck to all you fellow chasers this season, and I hope to see you
out there on the road.

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