4/23/97 FL chase by Craig Setzer

Well, it's no Sublette, KS but since it is where I now live, it will have to do.

My first Florida chase took me out Wednesday at 9AM to catch a rain wrapping
mesocyclone just after it tornadoed near BKV (Brooksville, FL ~40 N of
Tampa).  It was impressive and because of its forward speed and the rate at
which the occlusion was taking place (it was the fastest wrapping rain
curtain I've ever seen), it was almost a little scary.  We were 5 minutes
too late.  We dropped south and made several more attempts on cells ahead of
the line, but the shear profile (according to the TBW 88D VAD) was beginning
to show lowest layers backing and I think that was supporting increasingly
non-tornadic, gust front (forward updraft) storms. The storm speed (40-50
MPH) also made it a tough chase.

Enough synoptic severe, bring on waterspout season!

Craig Setzer

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