5/16-17/97 chase by John Moser

From: John Moser (jstorm@TFS.NET)
Subject:      Re: Where are The Mesocyclones?

Okay, the conspiracy continues...who is taking all the meso cyclones that
usually occur this time of year in Kansas? Lubbock TX, you took some and
those of you in Ill, I know you had a few, Miami Florida....!!. Why this

During a chase on Friday near Junction City, KS, the time was about 7pm,
clear skies to my west, VERY severe storm just a mile or so to my North,
perfect position, would pass the Alan Moller "Be in The Right Spot" storm
chasing test with flying colors, storm motion was 20mph east/ne, the hail
shafts were spectacular...I moved in closer then had to join a convergence
of vehicles under an overpass near the town of Paxico. All these people were
watching me shoot photos of the hail..with curisosity...."Hey it is a
stormmmmmmm chaser"! Okay time to leave.

Then there was yesterday, off to South Dakota, not to see Mt Rushmore
either... Well, got to Sioux Falls and get news the SPC moved the risk area
south and nothing would fire in sw south dakota until 8-9pm, okay go home,
activity looks better in central KS, time was 2pm. Cut through Nebraska on
I-80, a traffic jam in Lincon, WHAT, this is Nebraska for pete's sake!.
Okay, get into maryville KS at 6:15pm, pull over to check data and a police
officer pulls up, puts the light on and walks over to my car, I roll down
the window and he says, "Can I help you?", now that is not something I am
used to hearing in this situation, he looks at my map and says a cell with
golf ball size hail was reported just southwest of Topeka heading
east....wishes me goodluck and off I go!

Well, I cut my losses and head home to St Joseph, MO, get home and there it
is....a meso in Miami county KS, and for kicks, a meso in northeast south
dakota... Okay who put it there!!!!!! was it you Gilbert???? I have never
raged against the storm machine...honest!

Thanks also to Mike Deason and Jay Antle for all your roadside assistance
yesterday during the 5-state chase...(MO, NE,SD,KS,Iowa)..gosh my license
plate is not legible from all the bugs plastered on the front of my
car....(another reason why windex is a must for chase gear). And well the
saga ends when I arrive home and my wife greets me with a big piece of
cheesecake and says "I was just checking the radar, there is something
interesting in Miami County ..................."

To quote the great Charlie Brown, Uh Rats!

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