5/18/97 MO chase by John Moser

From: John Moser (jstorm@TFS.NET)
Subject: Re: Great Chase Day!!

Just have to write this chase account (short version). At 4:30pm Jay Antle,
fellow chaser showed up at my door and said, do you want to chase? After 2
busts in a row I was hesitant.....until I saw the sounding data for NW MO.
Off we went to I-35 toward Iowa. we stopped at exit 80 and sat to watch a
small tower go up. The small tower soon mushroomed into an incredible
cauliflower bomb! The anvil was spectacular; turkey towers fired up in the
rear flank, this storm literally exploded in fron of us....the chase was on!

We doubled east on 136 and at this point the NWS in Pleasant Hill was seeing
this monster. We chased it for about an hour when just east of Milan, 2 inch
diameter hail was reported just to our east, then we noticed what looked
like rotation. Striations began to appear, a barber pole we gasped???, Then,
in perfect position, just to our east about 2 miles, with the sun to our
backs, a wall cloud began to form and minutes later, a funnel cloud, we got
a great video of this! Mike Phelps from the weather channel was also on this
storm about 15 miles to our south. Yes we had a chaser convergence of 5 in
north central MO! John Roger from St Louis was with me and Jay and Mike and
his partner were to the south.

The wall cloud lasted 10 minutes then dissipated. a great chase, except
someone in MO got my camera, in the excitement of watching the wall cloud I
left my camera on the ground when we jumped in the cars to get
closer.....Least I have the video!
Actually, the video of the mushroom firing up is awesome!

I am interested in the radar picture of this storm, about 7:30 pm when the
wall cloud formed. This chase was great because we got to see the entire
storm life cycle and had a lovely CG show all the way home....Thanks also to
the SUPER 8 motel for giving our chase vehicle hail protection!

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