5/18/97 KS/MO chase by Jim Duncan

From: "Jim Duncan, KU0G" 
Subject:      Close, but no cigar in Kansas City...

Two nights in a row!!!  Haven't had this good of a weekend since that
last "all-school/all-night combination
beer-bust/toga/naked-dancing-girls party" at CMSU way back when.  Best
part of this one is that I can actually remember all of this one!

Tonight's chase went like this...

Sitting at the computer all day watching Mesoscale Discussions, Outlooks
and my live radar feed just waiting for the caps to break...Thunderstorm
watch finally issued and the storms started lining up from just west of
Wichita to near Des Moines.

The line started filling in around 1830 CDST.  Called my ham radio net
on the local repeater and the SKYWARN net control station came up as
soon as I closed and said they were activating immediately with storms
due in the area within 30 minutes!  WOW!!!!  Right in my own backyard...

Grabbed the camera and binoculars and headed west to greet the first
cell.  Was instantly gratified when Net Control relayed a reported of a
rotating wall cloud coming out of Wyandotte County, Kansas, moving right
toward me.  Parked on the Kansas side of the Missouri River on I-435 and
watched the reported RWC move across the river and abruptly take a 45
degree right turn and start moving rapidly eastward...I never observed
rotation but there was certainly good inflow to this one...Took a quick
photo of the alleged wall cloud, well back-lit by the setting sun..Hope
it turns out!!!

Of course, I made the wrong choice of roads to grab east and got slowed
WAY down by traffic on Mo-45 through Parkville but kept good view of the
RWC.  Other observers reported seeing rotation but I simply couldn't
confirm that part....  By the time I got to I-29 the RWC had already
outrun me but I still tried to play catch-up.  Headed up 169 then east
on I-435 through 1/2" hail and heavy rain but finally gave up on this
one as a lost chase...

Gassed up and headed back west into Platte County MO to catch the next
cell in the train of storms that were lining up to move through.  Caught
a request from NWS to Leavenworth KS on a cell that was indicated by
radar.  Got myself north up I-29 to KCI airport and watched another nice
lowering develop.  Finally!  In the right place/position at the right
time!  Pursued this one across Mo-291 to I-435, again on 291 to Liberty
then I-35 north to US69.  The lowering never produced a solid,
well-defined wall cloud but the CG from it was SPECTACULAR.  By the time
I hit Excelsior Springs the lowering had dissipated but the CG
light-show continued!!!

All during this chase KB0UZQ, Bill Young, was out in The Behemoth
(mistakenly noted in previous messages as The Family Roadster!) giving
reports and joining in the chase along with several other hams from the
Clay County ARES group.

The evening ended with three of us, Bill and I along with Tim Mitchell
(KA5RYF) making a late call at Sonic in Kearney, MO. and swapping
stories from the evening's sport....

Tonight's chase, along with a LOT more actual sightings and information
have been posted to my JavAPRS site at


BTW:  Got 897 hits on this page as of 1:00 p.m. today.  Would appreciate
hearing from those who take a peek!!!

Happy chasing to the guys on east tomorrow!!!

73 de Jim, KU0G
Kansas City APRS Working Group
Rogue Squadron Storm Chasers
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