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The photo "Funnel With Lightning"(DAVE1.JPG) was taken just west of Coldwater, Kansas in July 1995. This funnel was previously on the ground south of Bucklin, Kansas and travelled SSE Just west of US 183. It was shot on Kodak Gold 200.

DAVE2.JPG was taken east of Coldwater Lake. It was a time exposure using Kodak Technidol Pan 2415. This single burst was able to produce shadows in the foreground even with this extremely slow (ISO 15) film.

"Lightning US 64"(DAVE3.JPG) was a 6 minute exposure using again Tech Pan 2415 (as far as I'm concerned, the only B+W film for lightning.) This was taken near Cimmaron Junction on US 64. This scan is from a print on Kodak Elite paper.

The photos DAVE4.JPG and DAVE5.JPG were both shot at Coldwater Lake (This place gets a lot of lightning, no wonder I live here.) using Fujichrome 50 slide film.

DAVE6.JPG shows a funnel just southeast of Wilmore, Kansas. I was lucky enough to get off one shot using T-Max 400 before it broke up.

I have many other photos and will have same day Snappy HI8 video captures on my web page this season. If you or any other chasers are in the Coldwater area this season, feel free to stop by Dave's Pizza Oven. Storm Chasers get a discount, there's a wall full of maps, a scanner and local weather on the radio. We're right downtown on US 183/160. You can't miss it . If you don't like pizza may I suggest The Supper Club on the north end of town. They have the best Fillet Mignon I've eaten anywhere. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.


Dave Gerstner

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