APRIL 4, 1997

Carson Eads and Tim Marshall
Steve Tabb and Beverly

Very deep closed low is dropping south of the New Mexico-Arizona border. It's progged to lift out tonight and have a dry slot punch in from Del Rio to San Angelo. Severe storms are supposed to fire along the dry line today. Big negatives are widespread overnight convection -flooding has occurred. I-35 is closed near Temple.. At the top of the upper low, I've looked at SW Kansas and believe its too cold up there -only a squall line there is forecasted. There is always the chance of a rogue storm ahead of the line. Target is San Angelo.

10:50 490 FLOWER MOUND- Overcast skies, heavy rain. SE winds.

11:27 527 I-20 E. Rain tapered off. Overcast strato-cu, definite ceiling. Drizzle.

11:47 552 Breaks in low overcast. Blue skies above. Rain has ended. SE winds at 10.

12:15 588 GORDON- Dark SW. Rain core SW with Cg's. Light winds.

12:20 594 Forward flank heavy rain.

12:23 Out of core.

12:39 617 EASTLAND- Stopped for lunch. Pulled up data. Temp 80 in DRT, 62 in ABI.

1:09 617 Leaving EASTLAND. Cb W. Towers ALQDS. Light winds and sunshine.

1:22 630 CISCO - Rt. 183S - HP Cb with lowering on base SW. Lots of CG.

1:30 636 Stopped. Hail covering shoulder. Took picts. West winds at 20, cold.

(Ellen Meyer called. Tornado Warning for Parker Co. Doppler indicated) No Tornado Box yet.

1:46 652 RISING STAR- Convective line is to our east. It extends N-S with towers SE. The line is backbuilding and we will head south to get around it. CI W.

1:52 659 1 pict S of anvil on Ricoh.

1:58 1 polarized wide angle shot of Cb SW.

2:03 1 pict S of Cb developing.

2:04 Vertical shot SW of Cb developing.

2:10 681 BROWNWOOD - NW winds. Rt. 377 S.

(Tornado Box issued ACT - DAL)

2:54 731 BRADY - NW winds at 20. Something is going on here with all this outflow. We are going to stop here and set up the weather channel. Rt. 87 S.

3:09 731 Line of convection forming from central Oklahoma through central Texas. Another line is developing in northwest Oklahoma -another spoke of the upper low. Tail end storms near Del Rio look pretty good on satellite.

3:37 Sam Barricklow called. Said SPC has shifted their interest to Texas.

(Severe Thunderstorm Watch- At 3:25p- Severe storm in Bandera Co. 1" hail fell 12 N of Leaky.)

4:08 806 1 pict of sheared tower.

4:14 810 FREDRICKSBURG- Rt. 87 S. We have south winds tending SE.

4:29 1 pict of line of convection. Anvils point N.

4:34 833 COMFORT - NW winds.

4:43 Bruce Haynie called saying another T Box has been issued across northern LA.

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Medina Co.)

4:49 852 BOERNE- Stopped at Texaco on hilltop. Calm winds. Shelf cloud approaches.

5:10 854 BOERNE- Rt. 46 E (Heard about a tornado in northern Denton Co.)

5:21 Back in the warm air.

5:29 876 Crossing Rt. 281. Clearing east. Line of convection W.

5:46 895 NEW BRAUNFELS - SE winds, some strato-cu. Blue sky above.

5:55 901 I-35 N.

6:16 Wind shift/shelf cloud encountered.

6:33 947 S. AUSTIN - Rain. Shelf cloud distant east. Moderate traffic.

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning Bastrop, Lee Co.)

8:20 022 TEMPLE - Stopped and had dinner with Lon Curtis and Bruce Haynie.

9:21 022 TEMPLE- Leaving temple.

11:35 179 HAAG- 12.5 hours , 689 miles, TRW

Summary: Best activity was in the Stephenville area along the outflow boundary. Typical squall line situation with uni-directional flow. The westerlies aloft didn't arrive until the next day when the upper system passed by. Shouldn't have gone all the way to SAT.