APRIL 23-24 1997

Carson Eads and Tim Marshall

Looks like a west Texas day tomorrow so we decided to head out to Amarillo this evening. Fifth chase of the year. Dynamic upper low is dropping into the southern Rockies. Westerly winds aloft with southeast winds at the surface and an east-west boundary make for a volatile situation today. Tremendous storm relatives today. The biggest problem has been moisture return. There is a nice clearing on the satellite loop so the dry line should be out there. Target town Morton.

7:46pm- Departing FLOWER MOUND

1:00am Arriving AMARILLO 360 miles 5 hrs, 15 min.

10:08 599 AMARILLO - Rt. 60 SW. It's been raining and it's very cold in Amarillo. The cold front has pushed farther south than anticipated. We will head to an area west and south of Lubbock. 44 degrees in Amarillo.

10:28 617 CANYON - Rainy, 44 degrees, east winds.

11:16 674 FRIONA - FM 214 S- Cloudy, but not rainy.

11:44 706 MULESHOE- FM 214 S. - Stopped to eat lunch.

1:06 746 MORTON - Overcast, ceilings lifting. 15z update is a moderate risk for southeast New Mexico so we are going to head down there. The temps at Midland are warming up but moisture is still a problem. There are two moisture convergence maximums. One is between Midland and Lubbock and the other is between Hobbs and Carlsbad. 20 degree difference between Lubbock and Midland.

1:30 Crossing Yokum County line. Blue sky south. Towers south and west, hazy. Leaving a lot of cirrus behind. Transverse rolls overhead.

2:00 789 PLAINS- Turkey towers now just south of town. Boy did things change in a hurry. It's amazing the transition within view here. Continuing south on 214.

2:03 1 wide angle shot west and one wide angle south. Convection begins.

2:17 Wind shifts to southeast. Temps increase.

2:36 DENVER CITY- South winds. Cb NE and SE. Stopped on Rt. 214.

2:36 1 pict SW, SE and E of Cb's developing. 1 Vertical shot on regular Canon and 1 vertical shot on super wide angle.

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Northern Lee. At 1:57pm, 21 W of Tatum)

3:15 1 pict NE of Cb with white truck on road. Front is from Tatum to Snyder. It's cleared out SE. Virga showers SW. 1 pict NE of Cb, orange trucks, polarized.

(Tornado Warning- Doppler, Dawson Co., 20 N of Lamesa) Mushy line N.

3:45 Calm winds. Cb N, long line of rain N. New cell developing S.

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Yoakum Co.) Cb line E.

3:48 Wind shifts to north and turns colder.

3:53 806 Line of convection SE. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning NE Lee. At 2:55pm 6 E of Tatum moving E at 35mph)

4:11 827 Stopped briefly just north of Seminole. Virga showers W.

4:24 827 Leaving site. Raining

4:26 828 SEMINOLE- Rt. 385 S. Cg's E. New convection now E.

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning for southern Ector near Penwell)

4:33 835 Cb S has backsheared anvil. 1 picture W of virga shower and another W on wider angle camera. Isolated Supercell with inverted plunger appearance and anvil backshear.

4:42 Continuing Rt. 385 south. Took pictures and video of supercell SW.

4:53 859 ANDREWS - Supercell south has collapsed. Anvil has mushed out and updraft has fallen apart. It must be the lack of moisture. Stopped on the south side of town. Strong SE winds, first time today. Lots of virga showers north with clearing overhead to mushy Cb south. We will look at the Weather Channel.

5:29 859 High based gunge storms west through north. Low instabilities evident. Lots of Cg's. High shears.

5:45 1 pict NW. Virga showers.

5:48 1 pict NW.

5:55 859 Leaving film site. Cb N. Lowering on forward flank and rear flank. Mid-level bands lined up to the SE.

6:00 864 FM. 115 NE. Inflow bands E.

6:18 882 Stopped to take lightning shots. Lightning bolts at 6:20:17, 6:20:34, 6:23:10, 6:24:19, and 6:28:16 on video camera.

6:30 882 Leaving film site. Heading SW on FM 115. FM 1788 S.

6:40 895 FM 176. Stopped to watch new core W. Inflow bands overhead extended NW.

6:56 895 Leaving film site after meeting Midland TV crew. Heading E to Big Spring.

7:08 910 Crossing FM 349. Strong N winds. Highly sheared convection S. 1 pict S of horizontal shower.

7:52 957 BIG SPRING, TX- Stopped for dinner and stayed Comfort Inn.

244 FLOWER MOUND, TX 4 hours more.

3 days -19 total hours, 1005 miles, and a TRW.

SUMMARY: Had to refine my forecast due to the surface cold air moving farther southward than anticipated. Lack of moisture was a key to the lack of severe. Still, this event looked similar to the April 10th outbreak.