MAY 1, 1997

Tim Marshall

FLOWER MOUND, TX: Short wave is progged to come out onto the plains after 00z tonight. Warm, moist surface air is moving north from the Gulf of Mexico but I question whether deep moisture will move northwestward into the eastern Texas panhandle as front which passed yesterday wiped this out. The front did stall in central Texas (not as far south as progged). There are 70 degree dewpoints along the coast and mid 40 degree dewpoints in the Texas panhandle. Winds across north Texas and the eastern Texas panhandle have shifted from northeast last night to southeast this morning. Progs indicate a surface low will develop in northeast New Mexico today. Anticipate severe storms will develop later tonight from Amarillo to Silverton and move east into western Oklahoma. No low clouds in Dallas this morning, blue sky all quads. Target area is the eastern third of the Texas panhandle today. I'll head towards Childress on Rt. 287.

9:20 686 FLOWER MOUND - Rt. 35W northbound.

9:35 703 Rt. 380W. SE winds at 15.

10:00 728 DECATUR- Rt. 287 NW. Clear skies, SE wind at 15.

11:00 800 WICHITA FALLS: Clear sky with cirrus on the northwest horizon. SE wind at 20. Stopped briefly for lunch.

11:15 800 Heading NW on Rt. 287. NOAA weather radio says 70 percent chance of severe storms tonight. 11 am dewpoint is 41 at Lawton and 49 at Wichita Falls. 29.85F.

11:37 828 ELECTRA: Clear skies. Cirrus NW. Mid-level overcast W-N horizon. 10% of sky

12:00 851 VERNON- Mid-level overcast is breaking up and covers 30 percent of the sky. Cirrus is also evaporating. Winds are SE at 20. Blowing dust in open fields.

12:10 868 CHILLICOTHE: 50% of sky, western half is overcast with some BINOVC.

12:20 880 QUANAH: 70% of sky low overcast now.

12:50 910 CHILDRESS: Overcast sky. SE winds at 20. Quick pit stop.

1:00 910 Moving NW on 287.

1:28 942 MEMPHIS- BINOVC. Clearing west on the caprock. This should be interesting.

1:50 968 CLARENDON: Clear skies overhead. Band of low clouds north, east, and south. arcing like a backwards C. SE winds at 20. No cirrus now. Blowing dust.

2:16 996 CLAUDE: SE winds at 20. Line of frothing towers can be seen through the dust and haze to my west. Evidently the dryline is between Claude and Amarillo. (Weather radio says there is a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms. Dryline is from Guymon to Amarillo to Lubbock. "Vertical wind profiles are also expected to remain favorable for isolated tornadoes.") Stopped and topped off gas tank.

2:39 005 Stopped west of town in an open area to watch congestus. Cirrus distant N. (Amarillo reports 52 dewpoint at 2pm with south winds.) Took 4 photos of barbed wire fence, dirt road, and towers.

3:00 Weather conditions at AMARILLO: 78/56 47% 26g35 29.60F

		DHT	81 SW 32g39
		BOR	74 S 25g40
		CDS	78 SE 22g30
		LBB	87 S 28g38
		DFW	76 SE 16g23
		MAF	85 S22g29
		SPS	77 S21g31 
		OKC	74 SE 24g33
		DDC	57 S 36g48
		COS 	55 NW 24g35

3:33 Two agitated areas on the dryline: Lone tower SE and lone tower NW, Cirrus distant N.

3:39 005 Developing Cb SE. Leaving site west of Claude.

3:40 Vertical shot of tower SW on dryline.


3:46 012 Rt 207N.

3:51 019 I-40E. Tower west, Cb ESE Very dusty. Main tower E is large and straight up.

3:54 021 1 pict ESE of Cb, nothing is in the foreground. Another tower S of that Cb.

3:59 027 1 pict ESE of Cb with flank. Green sign is in lower left corner. Lps developing N.

4:03 032 GROOM - 3 picts ESE of Cb with large cross in it. Crisp, vertical towers. SW flank.

4:06 037 1 wide angle pict E with road in center of picture. Two towers on flank.

4:12 044 1 pict NE of clear slot on LP storm.

4:16 048 First pair of Cg's E from LP storm to my north.

4:17 049 Stopped briefly at FM 2477. 1 wide angle NE and 1 super wide angle of Lps. Bases are elongated on the LP storms to my north and towers are tilted -sheared. 1 pict NE of arc shaped beaver tail. Road is to the right. LP storm N is dying. Backsheared anvil on SE storm. Vertical tower SE.

(Severe thunderstorm warning NE Hall Co.-KGNC radio Storms moving NE at 40?) Made the decision to go for the storm to my south and leave the two sheared LP's.

4:37 063 1 super wide angle shot northwest of southernmost LP. N Lp is shrinking.

4:40 065 McLEAN- Overshoot on Cb SE. Backshearing anvil. (Road construction 1 lane road)

4:54 080 FM 1647S- Leaving LPs.

4:57 082 1 picture south of backsheared anvil on SE storm. Southern Lp to our north is strengthening with first vertical tower now reaching anvil level and another tower rising up on the back end. Storms are pulsing.

5:09 098 Rt. 83 S - Cb with backsheared anvil SSE.

5:10 1 wide angle and two super wide angles S.

5:12 102 Cloud base SE is in view. Wall cloud noted. Storm N is now starting its first backshear. Main tower leans back at anvil level. Lost sight of wall cloud SE due to heavy precip curtain.

5:20 112 WELLINGTON- 1 picture overhead of main storm tower and anvil.

5:22 113 East on FM 338. Small backshear on Cb distant N. Gustnado NE. Blowing dust east.

5:25 118 High base on Cb just north. Does have a beaver tail.

(Severe Thunderstorm 10 N of Wheeler)

5:31 124 DODSON- Lots of blowing dust moving north into rain free base.

5:37 131 Rt. 30 N in Oklahoma. Lots of chasers, Al Moller, Doppler on Wheels

5:44 138 1 super wide angle shot of clear slot NE. Base has elongated to the west. NW winds. Stopped briefly to watch disorganized rotation at nose of clear slot NE.

5:51 138 Winds went calm. Base relatively flat. Classic supercell.

5:52 138. Heading north now to Rt. 9.

5:54 140 Rt. 9 East. Ch. 9 TV truck ahead.

5:56 142 Winds switched back to SE

5:57 VINSON- Lots of chasers around. Moving too slow. Stopping on roads. NW winds. Robert Willis, Roger Edwards, Rich Thompson

6:04 150 3 super wide angle shots of storm.

6:04 151 Greer County line. Stopped briefly. Took 2 pictures NE of storm. Occluding portion is NE.

6:07 152 Moving east again. North winds. Saw Chuck Roberts

6:08 153 REED- Storm has backwards C-shape with main updraft on northwest side, flank SW. 1 super wide angle overhead to finish out the roll. Mushy anvil. Stopped where white house had white picket fence. Took photos.

6:15 154 Leaving film site Rt. 9 east. Storm will not produce a tornado.

6:24 164 Rt. 283 N. Jogging for position. Encountering rain.

6:28 168 Rt. 9 E.

6:30 170 1 super wide angle of base E.

6:37 174 Stopped just west of Granite. Pea-marble hail. 2 horizontal and 1 vertical shot as well as others of hail. Took video of hail at 6:42pm. Grass in foreground.

6:52 180 GRANITE: Hail to one inch. Good hail video taken. Hail covers road but melts fast.

6:54 182 Rt. 9 east. Heavy rain. Pea to marble hail. Stopped at TOTAL station.

7:02 184 LONE WOLF-Cb distant north looks multi-cell and not as organized as this storm.

7:16 196 HOBART- Rt. 183 South. Trying to get back to some visibility. In heavy rain.

7:22 201 Took 4 pictures of storm SE with green grass in foreground and mountains in back. Not enough deep moisture - No definition to the base.

7:30 204 Stopped and talked with Gene. Let Cb go. New Cb is developing to the west at intersection of outflow boundary (from Hobart storm) and the dryline.

7:45 204 Leaving site. Heading north to intercept storm that is now near Sayre. Heading north on Rt. 183. Stopped at rest area. Took several pictures of crepuscular rays emanating from behind towers and backsheared anvil to my west and also east of crown of Cb being lit by the sun. Strong SE winds. Storms are intensifying now.

8:00 210 HOBART- Rt. 9 west. Low cloud band (outflow boundary) intersects storm base NW.

8:07 217 Rt. 44 N. - Upper wave must be getting closer. Getting in to low clouds too much. Turned east and heading back to town for better viewing. Cb E 8:10 220 HOBART - Stopped to take picts of anvil and Cb reflected in water puddles. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Elk City, golfball hail in Sayre moving NE at 40) Storm at Anadarko moving east at 35mph but going downhill. 2 vertical shots west. Third picture at 8:24. Horizontal shot 8:25.

8:33 225 Leaving Hobart moving east on Rt. 9. Chunky anvil. Main tower is vertical.

8:36 228 Rt. 183 North. Bands emerging and crisp crown. Flickers N.

8:42 235 Crossing into Washita county. Nice backshear on anvil.

8:44 238 ROCKY- Great looking Cb just NW. Lots of intercloud lightning.

8:48 242 Stopped on hill just southwest of Cordell. Took lots and lots of pictures. (Tornado Warning for our storm. Officer sees a funnel 5 SW of Bessie)

9:23 242 Rt. 183 N. Heading to Cordell

9:29 250 CORDELL-Rt. 152 East. Heading home.

9:36 256 Rt. 54 South

10:18 302 Rt. 62 E.

10:38 325 LAWTON- Stopped for gas and dinner.

11:00 325 LAWTON- Leaving town.


1:37 500 FLOWER MOUND-

Summary: Saw 2 LP's and 2 classic supercells today. Great structure shots taken including good hail video. Storms were high based and non-tornadic. Some possible reasons for this was the lack of deep moisture -a problem most of this season, and lack of storms turning right of the mean flow to enhance their storm relative inflow. The best storm of the day was the last one which developed around 7-7:30pm at the intersection of the outflow boundary of the previous storm and the dryline. Lesson to be learned is NEVER give up on the chase day until the last glimmer of light fades away.