MAY 18, 1997

Carson Eads and Tim Marshall

SMITHVILLE, MO - Main low is in Iowa. The cold front extends through Nebraska with northerly winds behind it. All of Missouri and Oklahoma have southwest winds. That needs to change before we get serious about chasing today. Progs are indicating in west-central Kansas later on this afternoon. Upper wave is way north. The big show is going to be eastern Iowa and we don't want to go that far.

10:19a 321 Leaving Smithville. Did some shopping at the hypermart, Kinkos, etc. Ate dinner at a Haywards BBQ place on Antioch St..

6:04p 383 KANSAS CITY- Waited all day and nothing happened. So we are heading home. Supercells have developed in eastern Iowa and raced off to the east. Some convection has formed west of Wichita, Kansas. Severe Thunderstorm Box has been issued from KCMO to ICT area. T-Boxes are in eastern Iowa and northern Illinois.

6:10 387 I-35 SW. Line of towering cumulus extends over the metro area to our north.

6:51 (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Morris Co.) just west of us.


6:55 2 picts north of line of towers. The second shot has the sun on the left side. Also took video. (At 7:05p a line of storms extends from 10 S of Topeka to 20 NW of Emporia moving east at 20. Quarter-size hail at Diamond Springs at 6:51p)

7:30 Stopped for a brief Weather Channel update. Tornadic storm is near Pratt and is planting tornadoes left and right. The storm is stationary. Nice hook on radar.

7:41 492 EMPORIA- Sharp anvil coming out of the southwest from that Pratt storm.

7:43 On the turnpike SW. (Rotating wall cloud west of Cunningham)

8:21 543 EL DORADO LAKE - Diverging anvil SW. Mid and low level tails seen.

8:46 577 WICHITA- Calm winds, Cg's west.

8:55 586 Exit turnpike on I-235 around the west side of Wichita.

9:00 592 Rt. 42 SW. Supercell WSW. Stopped in field. Took Cg pictures. 1 mile SW of McArthur Rd.

9:37 599 Heading back to Wichita. Rt. 42 NE.

9:48 609 I-35 S. Mo-jo boogie by Johnnie Winter is a great song.


2:46a 972 FLOWER MOUND-

SUMMARY: Wrong forecast. Should have left Kansas City and headed to Pratt. 16.5 hours, 651 miles, TRW -a long haul