MAY 22, 1997

Tim Marshall only

10:27 139 FLOWER MOUND - Surface low near Pueblo. Surface moisture convergence is greatest in southeast CO extending down to the western Texas panhandle. There is a dry line extending through eastern NM and will move into the western panhandle. Moisture is in place. Childress has a 60 degree dewpoint with a southeast wind. Target is Dalhart, TX. Negative features are weak 500 and 700mb jet. No low clouds, CI overcast. Calm winds. Ridge has broken down over the area after being quite persistent. Vort max progged to hit CO today. TCC 46, AMA 60 dewpoint.

10:42 156 DENTON - Rt. 380 W. SE winds at 8.

11:04 180 DECATUR- Overcast CI. Rt. 287 NW.

12:03 252 WICHITA FALLS- CI overcast with BINOVC. SE winds at 15.

12:14 256 Stopped briefly. Low clouds on the north side of town. ($26 gas).

(Van Speybock wrote outlook last night saying NO SVR. 15z is slight risk.

12:47 296 OKLAUNION- Hazy low overcast. 3 mile visibility. SE winds 20.

12:53 303 VERNON - 2 mile visibility. Overcast, low clouds.

1:18 334 QUANAH- Misty, low clouds. SE winds 20.

1:43 363 CHILDRESS- Low visibility, 2 miles, low overcast. No mist. S 15.

1:58 378 ESTELLINE- 1 mile visibility, misty.

2:13 394 MEMPHIS - Low overcast, 3/4 mile visibility, roads are wet.

2:18 400 Visibility is now 1/4, slow crawling fog. Ceilings are on the ground. Mod. mist.

2:21 403 Visibility less than 100 yards, dense fog.

2:24 406 HEDLEY - 100 yards visibility, dense fog, S wind 20, moderate mist.

2:27 410 Visibility is now 1/4 mile.

2:32 416 Visibility is now 1/2 mile, mod. mist.

2:35 420 CLARENDON. Visibility 1 mile, low overcast, SE winds 10.

2:40 424 1 mile visibility, light mist, S 20.

2:46 431 Definite ceilings, 500 feet, S 20.

2:49 435 BINOVC in low overcast, S 20.

3:00 447 CLAUDE - Scattered to broken strato-cu. Some build-ups. Towers W.

ATO- There is a slight risk of isolated severe thunderstorms mainly along and west of a Liberal, Borger, Tulia line later this afternoon through tonight. The low clouds have pushed east and by early this afternoon, and by early this afternoon was located east of a Liberal, to Borger, to Tulia line. The air mass, where the skies have cleared, will become increasingly more unstable with daytime heating. The air mass also remains very moist across this area. A disturbance in the upper atmosphere over northern Mexico, southwest of El Paso, will approach the western panhandles by late afternoon or tonight. Thunderstorms are expected to develop across eastern New Mexico and far west Texas by this evening. Isolated thunderstorms may affect the western half of the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles later this evening which could become severe. It appears, at this time, that the best chance of severe thunderstorms will be in the western Oklahoma panhandle and the northwest Texas panhandle. The main threat from any severe thunderstorm, that should develop, will be large hail and damaging winds. The low cloud cover will prevent daytime heating this afternoon over the eastern half of the panhandles and in return will inhibit the threat of any severe thunderstorm. Spotter activation is not anticipated through tonight, however, spotters should be on alert in case activation becomes necessary.

At 3pm: 
AMA 72, 58 dewpoint S 25g31, 30.03F
DHT 73 SW 23g30
BOR 72 S17 g 24 
CDS 63 SE 12 
LBB 73 SE 17
DFW 74
MAF 81 SW 12
SPS 72
OKC 71 SE 14
ABQ 67
DDC 61 SE 22
COS 53	 SE 12

3:20 471 AMARILLO - Towers building west. Possible CB NW. I'll stop at hotel briefly to watch TWC radar.

3:25 477.7 Comfort Inn hotel.

3:57 477.7 Leaving hotel. Cb N Dome already on it. Heading north on Rt. 87.

4:09 490 2 picts N. 1 f11/1000.

4:31 515 FM 1913 E. High based Cb NE. Mushy anvil. Rain area collapsed. This looked great at first.

4:50 537 2 picts N. First is f11/1000, second is program. Cloud base with road on right.

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Gruver area)

4:59 549 FM 1923 N.

5:00 550 1 pict N of scud under base. Rain curtains rotating around updraft. Updraft occludes nicely and brief funnel beneath center of updraft surrounded by rotating rain curtains. I was driving while this was going on. Stopped. Rain occluded updraft just north of me. 1 pict N-NE of rain wrap area where funnel was. Jct. 1598/1923. East on FM 1598. Another round base is taking shape. There is a beaver tail to the northeast. No question this is a good wrapper. Panhandle magic is amazing. Nice inflow.

5:14 562 2 pict N. Great inflow, nice beaver tail. Very nice looking storm. Precip now on back end of it with new wall cloud in front. Beaver tail is uncoupled from the main wall cloud.

5:16 564.4 Jct. 136. - Heading north a little ways.

5:19 566 Stopped. 1 pict. NW Canon. Strong SE inflow. 1 pict NW on Ricoh.

5:24 566 Gene Moore passes. Striated updraft overhead. Beaver tail curves off to the SE. Nice banding. Storm is moving NE and so will I.

5:27 570 FM 281 E. I don't see anything else around. Maybe a small Cb SW. Stopped near FM 207.

5:35 2 vertical shots and 2 horizontal shots on Ricoh. 1 wide angle Canon. Video being taken. Bands feeding into the base. Nice inflow. Striations in the base. No anvil backshear seen. This storm continues to amaze me.

5:37 575 1 wide angle 1000th, 1 more on automatic. Nice banding. Another Cb can be seen to our south. 2 picts vertical on Ricoh, automatic, the other f11/1000. Cb south is raining into mine. Seems to be stealing away some moisture.

5:40 575 Leaving film site.

5:41 576.8 Jct. 207. (Tornado Watch, Tornado Warning NW Hutchinson Co.) 2 vertical shots on Ricoh, 1000 and the other is program. 2 super wide angle shots, program, f11/1000.

5:49 577 N on Rt. 207. Storm base is now elongating NE to SW which means its over.

5:52 579.7 Crossing Hansford Co. line.

6:03 582 1 wide angle shot NW. Met Herb Stein. 1 super wide angle, 1 regular Ricoh. break between beaver tail and inflow band. 1 Ricoh shot with beaver tail forming up again. Storm is going down hill. FM. 520 Leaving film site. Met Greg Stumpf. Cb's are developing south now.

6:37 594.9 Passing 281

7:01 604 Met Jeff Piotrowski. Nice storm reported near Canyon with hook. Leaving this storm with small base and no anvil.

7:18 621.6 BORGER- Cb west-southwest. Another Cb south near Canyon.

7:35 633.6 FM 687N.

(Severe Thunderstorm 15 W Tulia in Swisher Co. E-NE at 15)

7:41 638 FRITCH-Stopped

7:44 639.6 2 vertical shots on super wide angle. Ours have nice chunky anvil Cb distant south with mushy anvil.

7:51 640 Took numerous shots of shrinking LP Cb over Lake Meridith to my north. Rt. 136 S.

8:52 682 AMARILLO - Took sunset shots with trains and grain elevators. Cb south. Caught a glimpse of TWC. 2 supercells are south of me on I-27.

9:02 682 AMARILLO - Departing film site. Heading I-27 S. Supercell in Swisher Co. has great looking backshear.

9:15 709.6 Stopped at Hunge Road with windmill. Took lots of picts.

9:45 709.6 Used 90 second exposures.

10:00 709.6 I'm south of Canyon on a rural bridge. Supercell at PVW is still going.

11:00 736.5 AMARILLO- Vort max came across just nicely. Best storms fired after dusk at tail end of lifting vort max. 598 miles, 12.5 hrs. TRW+, WC, F.

Nailed forecast today. Lots of great storms on a slight risk day when SPC said -no severe forecasted- only last night. The vort max was the main event today.