MAY 23, 1997

Tim Marshall only

AMARILLO- Nice chase yesterday with that storm near Kress. Now we will try our luck again today. The vorticity max which aided yesterdays convection has lifted out of the area. There is not much in the upper air today for support except subsidence. We do have residual surface moisture with 60's dewpoints in Amarillo, however, winds are tending southwesterly, thus, we will chase home today. Moisture convergence max is best to our north so we will swing up to Canadian.

11:00 736.5 AMARILLO- Heading E on I-40. SW winds 20. Few cu N and E horizon. FM 1912 N. CI band heading NE right over us.

11:18 750.6 NE on Rt. 60. - Thicker CI band south, thin band N; we are in between.

11:48 784.4 Cluster of towering Cu NE in line with this upper clearing.

12:00 795 PAMPA - Broken strato-cu deck E through N. Stopped for lunch and oil change.

12:44 795 PAMPA- Leaving town Rt. 60 NE. Turkey towers overhead with cluster of towers N. Strato-cu field building NE, High CI SE, clear SW. Thin CI band evaporating.

819 Stopped at turnout on edge of Caprock. What a beautiful day. Tim 2 picts: one normal, the other polarized. Tim 2 pict N of towers and 1 south on wide angle.

1:13 819 Took video. Took 2 picts NE of Pileus cap on Cb.

1:18 825 Developing Cb NE. Other towers developing SW.

1:22 829 1 pict NE of Cb with crisp dome and Pileus cap. Car in lower right corner.

1:32 839 2 picts N of Cb. last one is polarized. SE tail on updraft scooping up strato-cu.

1:34 841 Rt. 83 N. Line of convection N with fuzzy anvil.

1:35 Cg N.

1:40 848 CANADIAN - Line of Cb's north of town.

1:52 859 GLAZIER - FM 2758. Stopped to set up satellite dish and watch TWC.

2:00 859 1 super duper wide angle north. This is the only storm around says TWC. Finished roll on super duper wide angle camera. Took lots of interior car shots.

(Severe thunderstorm Warning for Lipscomb Co.)

2:40 859 1 super wide angle west. Large base, SE winds. Precip core is increasing.

2:44 859 2 vertical shots of CI south with cattle guard. Heavy rain core NW.

2:45 859 Took several pictures super wide angle with truck and heavy rain core NW.

2:45 859 Vertical shot with super wide angle of Cb. Road and silver lining in clouds.

3:10 859 Panoramic shots 1 NW, 1 W on super duper. Tails on updraft.

3:15 859 Panoramic shots 1 N, 1 NW on super duper. Winds shifts to SW as RFD passes. Updraft is occluding in hail, wrapping good. Temps dropped about 10 degrees.

3:18 1 pict N super wide angle. Wall cloud developing with weak rotation N.

3:20 2 picts super wide angle E and N and third shot 1 NW.

3:21 1 pict of hail foot. 1 pict super wide angle NW Clear slot working in.

3:25 859.5 Proceeding eastbound on FM 2758. Updraft occluding a second time N. Cb distant NE. Looks pretty good too.

3:31 865.8 Stopped on ranch crossing cattle guard.

3:39 865.8 Heading east on FM 2758.

3:45 873.0 FM 1453 N. Storm continues to backbuild, cells moving east.

3:46 1 super wide angle and 1 regular wide angle shot W. Nice rotating updraft to my west.

4:00 877 1 super wide angle shot to the west with video camera in it.

(Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued)

877 VORTEX folks are talking on the scanner. Stopped briefly.

4:08 877 Raining now in the core.

4:10 879 Eastbound on FM 2758

4:11 880 Oklahoma state line.

4:21 885 Stopped briefly. Storm continues to move east. Just met the DOW folks 1 south of Rt. 60.

4:31 895.5 Jct. 60 E - VORTEX armada is here.

4:37 901 ARNETT- Stopped on east side of town and set up dish.

4:46 902.8 ARNETT- Took a look at the TWC radar. Other cells are developing SW. Heading south on Rt. 283.

5:11 926.8 ROLL -Stopped at Jct. 33. (Severe Thunderstorm for Briscoe Co.)

5:55 926.8 ROLL- Aborting the chase.

5:56 928.0 Rt. 47 E.

6:15 949.1 Jct. 34.

6:34 971.7 Rt. 33 S.

7:22 995 CLINTON - I-40 E. Met David Keller in the rest room at the McDonalds.

8:39 087.8 OKC- I35S.

11:14 264 FLOWER MOUND- 12.3 hours, 528 miles, TRW+, WC

1126 miles on this two day trip.

Summary. Great forecast. TWC radar dish came in handy, especially in Glazier where out of NOAA radio range. KGNC did a poor job today at keeping up with what was happening..