MAY 28, 1997

Tim Marshall only

Missed the big show again yesterday. I am heading out west to play the upslope today while the upper trough is still hanging in to the west. Residual dewpoints were 58 at Midland and 43 at Amarillo at 9am -so significant drying in the panhandle. East-southeasterly winds at the surface would make for great turning with northwesterly upper winds. Mid-level winds are weak. Dynamics are north, moisture is south -so I am playing in between them west of Lubbock. The ellipse extends from Portales to Hobbs, NM along the border. (April 10, 1979 was an example of low CAPES high winds aloft -March 13, 1990 is a better example.)

10:29 717 FLOWER MOUND -

11:02 753.2 I-20 W.

11:13 766 WEATHERFORD - North winds.

12:56 891.5 ABILENE - Light northeast winds. Clear sky. Some strato-cu west.

2:10 971 SNYDER- Rt. 180. Heavy cirrus northwest. Strong east winds 15-20.

2:39 001 GAIL - Towers on the northwest horizon. Strato-cu scattered to the north.

2:42 005 GAIL - Southeast winds. Cb NW.

3:00 027 KEY - FM178 N. Cirrus is evaporating. Updraft NE.

3:11 040 Rt. 87. Cb north with mushy anvil. Cb distant NW with mushy anvil.

3:27 059 TAHOKA- Large tower rising up on updraft to my north-imbedded in cirrus patch. Anvil still mushy. Flank extends off to the west. Mid-level clouds too S.

3:50 087 LUBBOCK- Stopped for gas. Checked into motel. Saw weather channel.

4:42 087 LUBBOCK- Isolated storms are developing near Clovis and are moving east- southeast. Plan to head up Hwy 84 to intercept them. Overshooting tops with pointing anvils W.

(TORNADO WATCH ISSUED- 5:15-10pm 70 E/W 50SSE HOB 85NNE DHT) The box covers your entire forecast ellipse. (Broken line of severe thunderstorms extends from Hereford to Hobbs)

5:38 FM 2130 Stopped just west of Lubbock to watch weather channel and video.

5:42 126 Rt. 84 NW. Cb NW has anvil firming up. Flank extends SW. Can see base

5:47 Tim 1 pict NW. Tail extends out to southeast. Nice flank, sharp anvil.

(Tornado Warning for Parmer Co.) Rt. 285 N. Rotating storm NW is moving southeast at 15.

6:05 144 LITTLEFIELD - Rt. 385. Pulsing anvil overhead. Towers go up mushy but get crisp at crown. (Parmer and Cochran Co. have strongest storms. At 5:57p, golfball hail was reported at Friona. Doppler indicates rotation)

6:14 154.5 Large wall cloud NW. Precip core on south side of it too.

6:18 160 Large blocky wall cloud NW wrapped in precip.

6:19 161.4 1 pict NW. Wall cloud wrapped in rain. This storm is getting its act together.

6:21 163.9 SPRINGLAKE- Supercell NW. Pronounced mammatus. N.

6:22 164.3 Rt. 70 W.

6:24 167.1 Rt. 302. N. Very pronounced mammatus. What a storm.

6:26 169.2 FM 2901 W. What a supercell.

6:29 172.2 FM 1055 N. Large blocky wall cloud with scud tags hanging down to the northwest. Large chunky anvil with inverted towers.

6:31 174.4 Precip intensifying on south side of wall cloud.

6:32 176 CASTRO Co. line.

6:33 177 FM 303 W. Wall cloud forming up again, sharp on north side.

6:38 183.4 FM 3458 N. The updraft is getting a lot of cold air behind it and evolving into a backwards C-shape. Another nice supercell distant N.

6:41 185.9 Stopped.

6:49 185.9 Precip loading is killing this wall cloud. Hope it reforms. Starts to rain.

6:51 185.9 Southbound on FM 303.

6:54 189.8 Crossing into Lamb Co. Incredible inflow, 35 knots plus 15 knot relative inflow due to its southeast movement. Stopped to take pictures.

6:57 191.8 1 pict NW with cotton field in the foreground. Took video. 1 pict NW 125/f8.

6:59 1 pict program mode. Pulsing updraft.

7:01 191.8 Leaving film site. VORTEX crew has arrived.

7:06 195.5 Jct. 70 E.

7:12 1 mile west of Earth encountered heavy rain. Turned around heading west on Rt. 70.

7:16 206.0 Turned south on FM 303 S.

7:25 213.0 Stopped on road apron in sand hills. 1 pict program and another 250/f8.

7:31 217.0 SUDAN- Rt. 84.

7:31 218.3 FM 1843 E. Stopped on east side of town and took numerous pictures.

7:34 VORTEX crew passes.

7:41 224.2 Jct. 1055 S. Met Roy Britt, Gene Rhoden, and Tim Vasquez.

7:44 228.4 AMHERST- Following Probe 1, Bob Davies-Jones.

7:45 Rt. 37 E. Stopped on east side of town. Striated plate-like flank is overhead. Lack of precip in RFD all the way up to the updraft occlusion. Took vertical and horizontal shot of updraft, took video. Storm can't do it although it's wrapping up nicely. We'll look for another storm.

7:49 228.4 Leaving film site.

7:53 234 Jct. 385 S. Passing VORTEX crew.

7:54 1 pict W. and 1 pict. N.

7:57 234.4 Took 3 picts. The last one is a vertical shot with grass along the bottom showing the elevated occlusion. 1 pict W. vertical shot with road in it. Lots of cloud banding.

8:00 Can see through FFD precip. This storm is dying. Meanwhile another cell popped up on the tail-end of the outflow boundary and a tornado warning has just been issued for it. So, we are abandoning this storm and are going to head NW for the NEW convection.

8:06 237 FM 2479 N. New Cb NW

8:11 FM 1055 N. Can see rain free base.

8:13 Stopped- 1 pict NW of new Cb, 1 photo east of old Cb.

8:24 256 EARTH - West on Rt. 70.

8:31 262 FM 303 N. Stopped 1 mile north of Rt. 70, then turned around heading south.

8:38 264 Rt. 70 W. New supercell has wall cloud.

8:44 269.7 Entering Bailey Co.

8:48 273.4 Stopped - 1 pict NW of supercell. This storm has same type configuration as the first one with a backwards C-shape updraft. 2 picts NW. Took lots of video trying to get lightning.

9:04 273.4 Leaving film site. Heading east on Rt. 70. Storm is heading southeast. Raining.

9:13 280.8 FM 303 S.

9:28 292.9 SUDAN - Rt. 84 SE back to LBB. Lightning struck oil tanks causing fire and the storm base was eerily illuminated by the fire.

10:24 351 LUBBOCK - Stopped for hot dog. Call it the day.

Summary: A great chase day. Good forecast. The best I can get from northwest flow.