MAY 29, 1997

Tim Marshall only

LUBBOCK, TEXAS: ($60 motel) Leaving Lubbock and heading northwestward towards Littlefield. Scattered strato-cu, south winds. Target town in Clovis, NM with my forecast ellipse oriented north-south 60 miles each side.

1:44 381 LUBBOCK - Hwy 84 NW.

2:17 415.7 LITTLEFIELD - VORTEX vehicle passes me. Cirrus N-NW horizon. Strato-cu SE. Cirrus north actually extends 30% coverage.

4:03 450.8 MULESHOE - T-BOX issued for eastern Colorado and western Kansas. A cell has formed in southeast Colorado and is moving southeast. SE winds, patchy CI, a few strato-cu.

4:30 480.6 FRIONA - Line of towers to my west. Patchy cirrus, denser to my north. Cb west imbedded in cirrus. Stopped to take pictures of grain elevator damage. Storm in SW Kansas, (Severe Thunderstorm Warning Morton Co.). I sat in church parking lot with The Weather Channel going.

5:07 489.3 FRIONA - Cb's firing west. I will guess that another T-box will be issued here. Mushy anvils, I am not impressed. Storm has nice hook on Weather Channel Radar in southern Clark Co. KS, southeast of Dodge City.

5:43 489.3 FRIONA - Anvils are still mushy. VORTEX team is still here. Cb distant north.

5:51 489.3 FRIONA- Winds are south, but tend southwesterly. Sky says its bad.

6:01 489.3 FRIONA- Heading home.

6:11 527.5 HEREFORD -(Supercell southeast of Dodge)

6:40 CANYON- (Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Texas Co. moving SE 15, northeast wind at Dodge)

6:58 581 AMARILLO-

7:40 632 CLARENDON

8:04 656.6 MEMPHIS

8:20 ESTELLINE -Stopped to get weather channel update. (Cold front storms have lined out, the dry line has fired. Best cell is near Big Spring)

8:45 689 CHILDRESS-


11:26 871.6 DECATUR

12:13 915 FLOWER MOUND - 10.5 hours, 534 miles, TRW

Summary: Storms went up late -after dark. The situation was less severe than yesterday.