JUNE 8, 1997

Tim Marshall only

First June chase this month. Weather pattern has really stunk over the past two weeks. A ridge built over the west until now. A very deep low -center is tracking south of the border (which is incredible any time of year). The system is small and compact and is progged to lift out and weaken substantially today -taking the energy with it. Another negative is that a short wave spun off the system over night and lit up all of west Texas early this morning. Squall line left outflow boundaries everywhere. There is upslope flow behind the squall line with a moisture convergence max between Hobbs and Midland. Anticipate the dry line to pull out today behind the small upper system and expect it to re-fire into isolated supercells. Wind profiles do not look bad at either Midland or El Paso. It's gonna be far west and iffy overall. Target MIDLAND

9:52 133 FLOWER MOUND- Light winds, broken strato-cu. Blue sky above.

10:24 168 I-20 West. Binovc now with blue sky above.

12:08 CLYDE- Rain begins. Cirrus overcast and low overcast. Midland has east winds while Lubbock has northwest winds.

12:20 307 ABILENE- Pouring rain. Stopped at Subway.


1:23 378 COLORADO CITY-Overcast stratocu with cirrus overcast. Rain has ended.

1:48 409 COHOMA- (Midland Wx Office calling for clearing west with redevelopment of storms and tornadoes today, spotter activation likely) Overcast stratocu and cirrus. Strong winds -ESE at 20.

1:56 418 East winds at 20. (Line of storms from Gail to Tarzan to Odessa) (81/65 at Fort Stockton with an east wind, 66 degrees in Midland)

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning -western Crane Co. At 1:50 radar and spotter reports indicated a severe storm 27 miles west of Crane moving east at 15.)

(conditions are favorable for tornadoes, hail to 3 inches in diameter)

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning - 16 SW of Crane)

2:21 440 STANTON - Stopped for gas - $30 - It's still cold here. NE winds. YUCK.

2:28 446 Heavy rain. Shelf cloud passes and roars to the south.

2:32 449 STANTON- FM 137 S - Heavy rain, northeast winds.

2:46 467 FM 158/137 - Passed under shelf cloud, winds shift to east, temps warm. Stopped to look at Weather Channel. Line of convection extends down to Midland. There is a lone supercell on I-10, south of Midland.

3:03 467 Leaving site

3:15 482 FM 2401 SW

3:25 494 MIDKIFF- Large shelf cloud west-ne, wraps sw. Strato-cu and cirrus overcast. Winds are calm.

3:33 501 FM 2594 S Shelf cloud west through north.

(Severe thunderstorm til 4:20p for Crane County)

3:43 513 Cb W. Cirrus canopy. Jct. FM 1555 - Stopped to set up dish to get Weather Channel.

4:09 Windshift to the north. Cb with inflow tails to my west but the shelf cloud is moving too fast to the south.

4:18 523 FM 1555 E -Heavy rain core E.

(Tornado Warning- Doppler indicated in northern Upton Co., 14NW of Rankin)

That's the storm to my northwest, it's got to be undercut cause we're in N flow.

4:26 533 Back into warm air.

4:29 535 1 pict NW of Rankin storm. I'm on Rt. 67 now. Storm is elevated over cold air.

4:35 Rt. 67 E. Outflow has passed.

4:46 549 BIG LAKE- South wind here, but not for long. Heavy core N with lowering and inflow band along colder air.

4:55 Stopped -2 picts NW with super wide angle, and 1 pict with regular camera.

4:57 BIG LAKE- Leaving film site. Windshift again to east-northeast.

5:15 568.8 BARNHART- Northeast winds. Very dark N-NW. Cold air roaring south.

5:33 577.8 Stopped for the Weather Channel update. Tail end charlie (level 6) at southern edge of Irion County. It's all lined out and outflow dominant. Cirrus shield extends north-south. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Irion Co. just north of Barnhart). We are heading home. See what happens tomorrow.

5:46 592.6 MERTZON-Rt. 67 east. Northeast wind. light rain.

6:07 616 SAN ANGELO - Light rain, northeast wind.

6:47 656 BALLINGER- (Tornado Warning - Flanker Co??)

7:10 667 N on Rt.83 (Filled up truck with gas, vehicle stalls but got it started again.)

7:51 709 ABILENE-

7:59 718 I-20 E.

10:35 888 FLOWER MOUND - 753 miles, 10.7 hrs. TRW

Summary: Really shouldn't have chased today.