JUNE 9, 1997

Tim and Kay Marshall

Chase is close to home today. I'll wait until a storm blows up nearby. Late afternoon, storms begin to fire in south-central Oklahoma. We'll head up I-35 to meet them.

4:46 137 FLOWER MOUND - Leaving house.

5:10 166 VALLEY VIEW - Towering cumulus leaning over to NE, SE surface winds.

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Garvin, Murray, W. Carter Co.)

(Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Purcell) Cb's north of the Red River can be seen. One Cb near Sherman, one near ADM. Towers glaciating and raining out overhead.

5:48 211 Rt. 70. Stopped in rain. Turning around.

5:51 1 pict S of Cb developing on the Red River.

6:01 227 Rain core at mile marker 15. Storm north is outflow dominant.

6:15 239 Rt. 77 at mile marker 1, just north of the river. Stopped here. There is a lowering to the north with dark rain curtain coming around the west side.

6:17 1 pict N.

6:19 1 pict N. Clear slot N.

6:23 240 1 pict NE of wall cloud. Winds light and variable. Weak base rotation.

6:24 Panorama shot N and NE. Storm is moving east into the jungle. Windshift NW. Heading south on I-35.

6:37 247.3 GAINSVILLE- Heading westbound on Rt. 82 as another anvil is seen there. Heavy convection continues NE. Stopped briefly and decided to head east.

6:50 257 GAINSVILLE- RT. 82 moving eastbound. (Storms 10NE Nocona, 15NE Gainesville) (Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Storm near Rubuttom) WHITESBORO- Stopped briefly on west side of town. Large shelf cloud NW. Rt. 377 Southbound.

7:11 273 Moved to south part of town to watch approaching shelf cloud, and hail curtains.

7:51 309 DENTON

8:50 327 FLOWER MOUND, TX - 4 hours, 190 miles, TRW

Summary: Good close to home chase. Glad we waited till something went up.