JUNE 13, 1997

Greenville, Texas chase
Tim and Kay Marshall, Bill Lende

FLOWER MOUND- Bill Lende flew in today and it looks like we will have a few days of chasing ahead. A cold front has stalled out just west of us extending up to the Red River. The cap is pretty strong so we are waiting for it to break, while at the same time monitoring the local radar to see where storms will develop. Winds aloft are pretty strong. Target today is Sherman. Later that afternoon, storms fired up along the Red River from Sherman to Antlers.

3:52 951 FLOWER MOUND - Leaving house, heading northbound on I-35W.

(TORNADO WATCH ISSUED-4pm-10pm 75 N/S 30WNW MWL- 70SE PGO) Cb's NE with sharp anvils.

4:27 993 GAINESVILLE: Rt. 82E- Cb due east with flank extending SW. Winds c calm.

4:40 004 WHITESBORO - 1 pict. SE, has town sign in it.

4:43 009 1 pict E of large tower.

4:45 011 1 pict of exploding tower E with red van in it.

4:46 012 1 pict east with Nissan truck in it.

4:47 013 1 pict east, I'm in the right lane.

4:51 018 2 pict E of Cb with flank.

4:56 024 SHERMAN - 1 pict east with crisp storm tower and nice overshoot.

4:59 027 2 picts with one NE and one E.

5:02 030 1 pict E of Cb with large dome rising up on it.

5:11 039 BELL- Rt. 69 S. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Lamar Co.)

5:17 046 WHITEWRIGHT- Rt. 11E traveling under flank. RFB NE

5:25 054 RANDOLPH- Jct. 121 continuing Rt. 11 E.

5:28 058 FM 1553 E.

JCT. 78. Stopped. Lots of Cgs all quads. RFB N moving SE. 1 pict N. Storm had good structure before becoming outflow dominant. Heading south on Rt. 78.

5:44 062 BAILEY- Rt. 11 SE. (TORNADO WARNING DELTA CO. -radar indcd. and, SVR TSTM WRNG HOPKINS CO.)

5:59 069 WOLFE CITY-Rt. 34 S. - Very dark N as lots of precip heading our way.

(SVR TSTM WRNG - 5 NW of Wolfe City)

6:17 085 GREENVILLE - Cb N moving southeast. Line of towers N/S to our west.

6:22 089 I-30. Pit stop.

6:34 091 I-30 eastbound. (TORNADO WARNING HOPKINS Co.) Getting into more trees so visibility is not good. Encountered rain from storm east, turned around near Cumby and headed I-30 westbound.

7:11 122 GREENVILLE- Rt. 34 south. Stopped briefly at FM1564 and 34. Decided to abort. I-30 W home.

8:50 211 FLOWER MOUND - 5 hours, 160 miles, short chase for TRW+.

Summary: Nice close to home chase. Good to wait.