JUNE 14, 1997

Carson Eads and Tim Marshall Bill Lende, Australia TV crew

12:00 333 FLOWER MOUND- Heading for Amarillo today as a late season dynamic situation is shaping up. Upper low is one day away from spilling out onto the plains so this is the day before. Moisture is there. Low level wind profiles look great. Forecast ellipse is centered 60 miles north and south of Lazbuddie (Muleshoe) Texas along the Texas-New Mexico border.

12:40 378 DECATUR

2:00 462 WICHITA FALLS - Scattered strato-cu. Light southeast winds.

2:14 ELECTRA- CI distant NW.

2:39 517 VERNON - More CI W. SE winds 10-15. Few strato-cu

(Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued for west Texas. Severe thunderstorm already in progress for Hartley Co.)

3:03 547 QUANAH- (Tornado Warning- A possible tornado was indicated by radar NW of Channing.)

3:30 578 CHILDRESS- (Tornado Warning- Moore Co. - At 3:45p, Doppler radar indicated a possible tornado along the Hartley-Moore Co. line moving east at 15 mph along Rt. 354.)

(Moore Co. EOC reports tornado 6 SW DUMAS)

Four Cbs in site. Anvils are thin. The northern Cb has the longest anvil followed by the one farthest south. Number 2 north has the third longest and number 3 is just starting an anvil.

4:22 (Tornado near Phillips Plant moving NE, 4 SW of DUMAS.)

4:26 (Spotters confirm tornado south of Dumas)

4:40 CLARENDON - Cb with nice vertical updraft and crisp crown NW. Anvil is mushy. There is another Cb SW. SE winds 20-25. Anvil backshear NW. Storm 2 north has a cumuliform anvil, Storm 3 has a serrated anvil.

5:04 674 Rt. 207 N.

5:09 1 pict NW of anvils, cars coming towards us. (Severe Thunderstorm Warning Randall and Armstrong)

5:14 682 Rt. 207 N and I-40. (Severe Thunderstorm SW of us moving NE at 40).

5:20 690 PANHANDLE- Mid-level overcast encountered with imbedded tails.

(Severe Thunderstorms Potter and Randall Co.)

5:28 Bruce Haynie called. He said everything is a squall line around Lubbock. 1 pict N showing inflow tails.

5:34 1 pict NE of inflow tails.

5:38 714 BORGER- Winds are east at 10. Light rain. Stopped south of town.

5:50 717 BORGER- Squall line is approaching. Line catching up from SW too. Drove a few miles south of town and parked on a hill. Took picts/video.

6:19 723 Rt. 207 S. Two lines intersecting over us. Large shelf cloud.

6:24 (Severe Thunderstorm Warning- Carson Co.)

6:37 742 PANHANDLE - Rt. 60 SW.

7:00 767 AMARILLO - Stopped for the night. Had a great dinner at the Red Barn.

434 miles, 7 hours, TRW - Left Dallas too late. Everything went up early.

Summary: Activity blew up early. Confirmed tornado near Dumas. The supercell quickly became outflow dominant after that. Squall line near Lubbock raced northeastward and smashed into the eastward moving line in the Tx panhandle. Left Dallas too late and your forecast was a bit too south.