OCTOBER 25, 1997

Carson Eads and Tim Marshall

11:00 FLOWER MOUND- Left for Carsons house.

12:00 ALLEN- Arrived at Carsons. Upper system plowing through Texas today. A nice dry line has set up across the area and is moving at a pretty good clip to the east. Convection already has begun to the north of us near Sherman. We will follow the dry line east. Target is Sulpher Springs.

12:51 488 ALLEN- Leaving Carsons house. Cb's are developing north of Allen. Head up to Rt. 380 E. to intercept line of convection which has just passed.

(PDS TORNADO BOX - 85 E/W 35 W LUF 50 NE of PRX) This is a particularly dangerous situation with the possibility of large and damaging tornadoes. What? It's not that volatile.

1:44 528 GREENVILLE- We are just ahead of the dryline. Cb W. Line of convection over us too. Lots of traffic being a Saturday. South winds. I-30 E.

2:16 566 SULPHER SPRINGS - Supercell north passing over Paris. Sheared main tower with long extending anvil. We should have gone up to Rt. 82.

575 Hwy 11 SE. Line is now developing southward so we are trying for tail-end charlie -which has now glaciated SW of us.

3:04 592 WINNSBORO- SW on Rt. 37 Cb approaching from SW.

3:20 Stopped just north of Rt. 14. Filmed striated base coming at us. It's outflow dominant though with shelf forming. Convection is too linear. Will abort. Rt. 14 south.

4:11 639 Jct. I-20 W.

5:51 745 ALLEN - A 5 hour chase - 257 miles. TRW.

Summary: Good thing it wasn't too far from home. SPC overreacted again on this one. Everything was linear from the get-go and quickly became outflow dominant.