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Originally compiled by Allan Rosenberg, edited and maintained by Patrick Kerrin.

Roads, DOT Info, Maps
  • MnDOT -- Minnesota Department of Transportation. Includes real-time traffic maps. Shearer Publishing -- Publisher of the Roads of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, etc.

Restaurants, Hotels
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
    • Outback Steakhouse -- nationwide locator.
    • Steak 'n' Shake -- Damon Scott Hynes writes: "Known to me and I'm sure to INCHASE and John Farley, this stuff is wonderful! In Kansas, coming to Texas soon!" - nationwide locator.
    • The Big Texan -- Bill Hark writes: My favorite restaurant while chasing. Located on the eastern side of Amarillo, they serve great steaks, desserts and even rattlesnake. The associated hotel is inexpensive, and the staff friendly to chasers..
    • Antone's -- Legendary Blues Venue.
  • Chaser restaurant/hotel reviews


  • Bad Astronomy -- airing out myths and misconceptions propagated by journalists and the uninformed public.
  • Bad Meteorology -- clears up misconceptions about raindrop shapes, relative humidity, Coriolis force and toilets, the greenhouse effect, and more.
  • Isanti County Weather Observatory -- climate and forecasts around USA.

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